Our Revolutionary Products

Our local products are finding their way into health care facilities around the globe!

The Nebbo Nebulizer Holder

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The Nebbo is a plastic organizational tool adhered to the wall near the hospital bed for Respiratory Therapists and Nurses. It is designed to hold a nebulizer, X-Mas Tree, tubing connector, and has a slot to place the ends of the tubing. This design will allow for air drying the nebulizer, eliminating the danger of bacterial growth when stored in a plastic bag or hanging over a flow meter where it can fall to the floor and be damaged by equipment or contaminated by bacteria. By keeping supplies contained in the Nebbo, the therapist or nurse will be able to see what they need to complete treatment without having to make multiple trips to the supply room. 


  • Decreases Risk of Infection!
  • Reduces Slips and Spills!
  • Reduces Labor Costs!
  • Increases Patience Independence!

The EZP Portable Urinal Holder

The EZP Portable Urinal Holder is made up of a simple plastic cage and strap that fastens the urinal to a patient’s bedrail, wheelchair or walker. The design was made to incorporate a “swiveling” action to adjust to different angles of bed positions, thereby reducing spills. With less spills, nurses can avoid spending time cleaning up messes and spend time on more pressing needs; and most importantly, the risk of infection is greatly reduced!

We have several different variations of our EZP.  Straps come in one of two different materials, either Velcro® or Vinyl.  Our vinyl straps come in regular length (approx. 13.5″) which is long enough to fit most hospital bedrails, or long (approx. 18″) to fit wider bedrails.  We also have available our EZP “shortie,” built like our standard EZP, but lacking the 3″ top portion.  Our “shortie” accomodates easier access and tends to hang more easily from short or lower bed rails, and on the inside of bed rails.  All our EZPs fit all standard male and female urinals.

#101--EZP with hook and loop strap

#201--EZP with vinyl strap (pictured)

#201L--EZP with long vinyl strap

EZP short

#101Shrt--EZP with hook and loop strap for short, low bed

#201Shrt--EZP with vinyl strap for short, low bed