Our Distributors

For ordering info contact one of our distributors

website:  www.medline.com
product search: “EZP Urinal Holder”
email  service@medline.com
phone: 1-800-MEDLINE
fax: 1-800-351-1512

Contact your local Medline Representative and reference item numbers:

–PGA 101 (EZP w/ hook and loop strap)

–PGA 101L (EZP w/ hook and loop strap, long)

–PGA 201 (EZP w/ vinyl strap)

–PGA 201L (EZP w/ vinyl strap, long)

–PGA101SHRT (EZP w/ hook and loop strap, short, low bed)

​–PGA201SHRT (EZP w/ vinyl strap, short, low bed)